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A massive 400 million kuna worth Moslavina Agglomeration Project has got approval to begin with its implementation.

It has been established by an official document that the Ministry of Environment and Energy as Intermediate Body 1 (IB level 1) and Hrvatske vode as Intermediate Body 2 (IB level 2) have no objection to the applied set of documentation for the Project of ‘’Improvement of municipal water infrastructure of Kutina agglomeration.’’

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy as a Mediating body level 1, after a process as set out by Common national rules number 06 “Allocation of irretrievable funds” passed by the Ministry of regional development and EU funds, has passed a Decision on financing from EU funds for the project “Improvement of water utility infrastructure of the Kutina aglomeration”

Subsequent to this procedure, which cannot be reversed, the next step is going to be content consolidation (after establishing the financial agreement) and signing the Grant and Subsidizing Agreement. The construction or reconstruction of waterworks and sewerage system will be done in the next 2-3 years.

Mayor Zlatko Babić has expressed his contentment with the results so far.

‘’Today we have come to a phase worth praising which is of great significance for the City of Kutina, our suburban areas and all citizens. It’s about the Agglomeration Project, a municipal water infrastructure improvement so our suburban communities like Janja Lipa, Jamarice, Zbjegovača, Ilova and Gojlo, including some streets in Kutina as well, would acquire the long-expected waterworks and provide a quality water utility system for the most parts of the town. This is the largest investment for the City of Kutina in city’s history with the exception of the construction of Petrokemija. The investment into communal infrastructure  of half a billion kuna is a huge investment, and we will seek to invest additional assets into roads reconstruction that will enable this project to conclude an investment cycle that is expected to happen in Kutina in the next 3 years’’, mayor Babić has stated.

Moslavina Ltd CEO Mijo Šepak has explained the process of the project emphasizing the aim of this press conference, which is in fact, the final approval of the ministry in charge and the Intermediate Body level 2 that the application is complete and that it meets the given criteria for financing. Signing the financial agreement of the project in question is expected to happen in the next phase.

‘’Almost 137 million kuna will be invested into water supply system which implies a new plant for water conditioning in Ravnik as well as the two wells in Osekovo. A 50 km long new water supply system with 4 pump stations will be constructed and another 30 km long water supply system will be reconstructed. The sewerage system is a greater intervention than water supply system for the most part because of the construction of a new waste water treatment apparatus worth near 87 million kuna, and the total value of the sewerage system investment will be 207 million kuna’’, as Moslavina Ltd CEO Mijo Šepak has stated. In addition to the 87 million kuna, a new 34 km long sewerage system with its 13 pump stations of 73 million kuna total value will also be reconstructed.

The investor and economic operator of all the activities that will be organized in the next 3 years in this area, will be Moslavina Ltd and the beginning of construction works are expected to begin in autumn next year. As CEO Mijo Šepak has stated, Moslavina Ltd has issued drawing up a construction plan to make works function and to ensure functional traffic circulation of all major roads in the upcoming years of project realisation.

Mijo Šepak, Moslavina Ltd CEO, added that in this project not only investments in Kutina area are included, but also a smaller part of joint investments of the cities of Kutina and Popovača and Velika Ludina district. These joint investments of 62 million kuna include activities on the pump site in Osekovo, main pipeline Voloder – Gornja Gračenica and control-operating system, Ravnik drinking water conditioning, supply of utility equipment and a joint share of all the control-operating services, project management and public visibility and promotion. Local authorities shall allocate 62 million kuna worth funds in accordance with the actual share of ownership in Moslavina Ltd company.

Davor Kljakić, Chairman of Kutina City Council, expressed his contentment with the project.

‘’One of our coalition’s vows was the advancement of water distribution infrastructure in the city of Kutina and its suburban areas. I’m looking forward to providing a great number of inhabitants with water in the 21st century, which is of great importance for us. We are extremely happy and proud with the fact that this financially vast project is starting with its implementation and that we shall fulfil our vow, as the coalition now is in power’’, Davor Kljakić, Chairman of the City Council has stated.

Eduard Gelešić, Head of the Administrative Department of Communal system, Construction and Environment Preservation has also explained the project process. ‘’The biggest and technically the most demanding project in recent city’s history implies a complete advancement of water distribution system infrastructure of the agglomeration in Kutina, which means we are going to improve our water quality with the construction of Ravnik 2 water processing part with the capacity of 120 L and the additional dealing with the construction of the 2 wells in Osekovo. That implies we are going to enhance the profusion capacity of the whole agglomeration and resolve the question of water quality which can be better than it is today’’, Head Gelešić has stated.

Moslavina Agglomeration is a mega-project that changes the communal appearance of the city, kilometres of new water distribution system and sewerage system will be constructed stretching from the city centre to its suburban areas. The work will be conducted on a number of locations during 3 years. The money has been withdrawn from the EU funds and the project operator will be Moslavina Ltd.

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