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On July 9 2020. on the premises of the Entrepreneur Incubator in Kutina, the POST CORONA Economic forum was held, on the burning economic topics. The mayor of Kutina, Zlatko Babić, with other representatives of municipal government joined the businessmen and entrepreneurs from the Kutina area.

Sources from the city government point out that they’ve been in contact with the business community on a daily basis, since the corona crisis started. The Forum was a chance to start the dialogue on economic renewal, more precisely the situation in the city and how it can help the economic recovery, and what are all the further and future growth possibilities.

Ivan Brik, CEO of Selk, says they are looking forward to business normalisation even if they’re facing problems at the moment. „Almos and Selk are in a similar situation. I’m glad the city is investing in business zones to jump-start the economy and I expect them to do everything they can since the progress of our entire society lies on the back of the economy“ Mr. Brkić said.

Along the dialogue with the business community, mayor of Kutina Zlatko Babić has introduced the strategic project of the City of Kutina – KIND – Kutina Industrial Logistic Zone which will help the economic recovery of the city and the region. KIND, Kutina Industrial Logistic Zone, is located along the A3 highway Zagreb-Lipovac and is connected to Hungary through Virovitica by the state road D45. On 74 ha (182.8 acres), on 7 lots it’s possible to build large production plants and business centres. The zone is owned entirely by the City and is in line with the City code. Not only is the land price low, but the utility charges and municipal contributions are waived (municipal charges for a period of 5 years). The zone provides utility and energy infrastructure and is ready for new investors and projects which will create new jobs.

„By bringing in investors, we’re starting the economic renewal, creating new jobs and enlarging the city budget which will help us realise projects like nursing home, kindergarten, single shift operation of elemental schools in the entire city and many others. The city government is here for all our new investors through a range of financial measures and I hope the corona crisis won’t harm our economy which has strongly growing for the past three years “ said mayor Babić.

The business community, especially the entrepreneurs, came to the forum and pointed out that the communication with the City, more precisely the mayor’s support, has been of great help especially through the City’s office for economy, entrepreneurship and development and MRAV – Development agency.

Mr. Hrvoje Krmelić, head of the City’s office for economy, entrepreneurship and development reiterated the importance of a positive business climate which is supported by citizens and entrepreneurs. „The city is helping everyone it can through various programs of stimulating entrepreneurship, employment, self-employment, subsidising loans and helping those who’ve
encountered corona related problems. A positive business climate definitely helps with the realisation of various entrepreneurial ventures and I hope we’ll hear of new investments to the City of Kutina more and more as time passes“ ended Mr. Krmelić.

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