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In the Kutina Business Incubator, two significant contracts were signed for the development of a smart business zone, ie the first smart business zone in the Republic of Croatia, the Industrial and Logistics Zone in Kutina.

At the end of 2020, the City of Kutina launched a pilot project of digitalization of entrepreneurial infrastructure called “SMART & KIND” – The first smart business zone Kutina, which was presented in detail as part of the conference in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The first smart business zone Kutina is a unique project in the Republic of Croatia through which entrepreneurs who do business and want to do business in Kutina will be provided with a digital environment and all the benefits of modern technologies to improve their business.

“Today we signed a contract for the procurement of the largest item of this project, a smart system for counting and analysis of vehicles (IPS) operating in PZK1, PZK2 and PZK3 with the company Odašiljači i veze worth 120,000 kuna. IPS is the most sophisticated software used in traffic, counting and categorizing vehicles passing in both directions on a particular road. In addition, we signed a partnership and understanding agreement with Huawei, which manufactured the system, and expressed interest in future cooperation on this project. We are extremely glad that our project has
attracted the attention of such large companies as OiV and Huawei,” said the Mayor of Kutina Zlatko Babić.

“The next step is to replace the traffic light on Vukovar Alley with a new, modern traffic light as soon as possible, which will enable the management system depending on the number of cars currently in the convoy. The total value of the pilot project is HRK 300,000.00 plus VAT,” said the City of Kutina.

“I am glad that the City of Kutina has recognized the OIV as a partner in the development of smart services of the City of Kutina and we are starting cooperation in this project. I hope that the cooperation will continue in the future,” said Mate Botica, director of the OiV.

“Digitalization of life is widely present, and in addition to making our lives easier, smart technology also helps us in business, but also in communication. The City of Kutina today signed an agreement on cooperation and we hope to continue to cooperate in order to bring technological solutions closer to the City of Kutina itself. Similar smart city systems have already been implemented in China and European capitals, which has greatly facilitated the business and life of citizens,” said Zhang Qiming, CEO of Huawei Croatia.

The signing of this contract completes the initial pilot phase of this project and begins preparations for the project to apply for upcoming EU tenders.

As part of the pilot project, (in addition to the existing one) additional 2 info kiosks were procured, which will be placed at locations in the center of Kutina. Through them, entrepreneurs will be provided with FREE ADVERTISING. Entrepreneurs will be able to send their promotional materials to the city in the form of digital posters and video advertisements that the city will post on newsstands. After the procurement, the offer of the company SOLBI d.o.o from Kutina in the value of HRK 90,000 was selected as the cheapest and best offer.

The company EM2 from Kutina has created an interactive web map for investors which can be found on the website of the KIND.hr zone. The map contains all relevant information for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in the City of Kutina, such as an overview of available plots, characteristics of individual plots such as distance from the highway, availability of utilities, price, area, etc.

In this project, a big step has been made in the general digitalization of the city itself. As one of the elements, the City of Kutina has acquired a central system for managing “smart” infrastructure. The mentioned system enables the review and management of all smart devices that the city owns or plans to procure. CMS is the foundation of every “Smart City” project and will enable large savings in the future. The offer of Telemetris d.o.o. from Varaždin was evaluated as the best offer.

Source: Kutina.hr

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