KIND – With City of Kutina’s strategic project into economic renewal of the city and the region

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On July 9 2020. on the premises of the Entrepreneur Incubator in Kutina, the POST CORONA Economic forum was held, on the burning economic topics. The mayor of Kutina, Zlatko Babić, with other representatives of municipal government joined the businessmen and entrepreneurs from the Kutina area.

Sources from the city government point out that they’ve been in contact with the business community on a daily basis, since the corona crisis started. The Forum was a chance to start the dialogue on economic renewal, more precisely the situation in the city and how it can help the economic recovery, and what are all the further and future growth possibilities.

Ivan Brik, CEO of Selk, says they are looking forward to business normalisation even if they’re facing problems at the moment. „Almos and Selk are in a similar situation. I’m glad the city is investing in business zones to jump-start the economy and I expect them to do everything they can since the progress of our entire society lies on the back of the economy“ Mr. Brkić said.

Along the dialogue with the business community, mayor of Kutina Zlatko Babić has introduced the strategic project of the City of Kutina – KIND – Kutina Industrial Logistic Zone which will help the economic recovery of the city and the region. KIND, Kutina Industrial Logistic Zone, is located along the A3 highway Zagreb-Lipovac and is connected to Hungary through Virovitica by the state road D45. On 74 ha (182.8 acres), on 7 lots it’s possible to build large production plants and business centres. The zone is owned entirely by the City and is in line with the City code. Not only is the land price low, but the utility charges and municipal contributions are waived (municipal charges for a period of 5 years). The zone provides utility and energy infrastructure and is ready for new investors and projects which will create new jobs.

„By bringing in investors, we’re starting the economic renewal, creating new jobs and enlarging the city budget which will help us realise projects like nursing home, kindergarten, single shift operation of elemental schools in the entire city and many others. The city government is here for all our new investors through a range of financial measures and I hope the corona crisis won’t harm our economy which has strongly growing for the past three years “ said mayor Babić.

The business community, especially the entrepreneurs, came to the forum and pointed out that the communication with the City, more precisely the mayor’s support, has been of great help especially through the City’s office for economy, entrepreneurship and development and MRAV – Development agency.

Mr. Hrvoje Krmelić, head of the City’s office for economy, entrepreneurship and development reiterated the importance of a positive business climate which is supported by citizens and entrepreneurs. „The city is helping everyone it can through various programs of stimulating entrepreneurship, employment, self-employment, subsidising loans and helping those who’ve
encountered corona related problems. A positive business climate definitely helps with the realisation of various entrepreneurial ventures and I hope we’ll hear of new investments to the City of Kutina more and more as time passes“ ended Mr. Krmelić.

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The economy minister Darko Horvat paying a working visit to Petrokemija Plc.

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The Economy Minister Darko Horvat has paid a working visit to Petrokemija Plc. and Ziegler company. A working session was held at Petrokemija company with the Chairman of the Management Board Davor Žmegač, Mijo Šepak and me, as Kutina mayor.

On this occasion, Chairman of the Management Board Davor Žmegač has presented the attendants with the actual business activities at the end of this year and the main achievement goals for 2020.

The Minister of the Economy Darko Horvat has also visited Ziegler company, where fire-fighting vehicles were delivered, which, by way of buffer stock, the State of Croatia concedes to Volunteer Fire Departments across the country.

I have expressed my satisfaction with good business results by both companies and have informed Minister Horvat about the following economic plans in the City of Kutina.

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Agreements signed for financing entrepreneurs by direct support measures

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A Grant Allocation Agreement to implement measures of economy development in Kutina area has been signed at Kutina City Hall on grounds of Grant Allocation Program of co-financing new employments / self-employments in Kutina, specializations supports and / or additional education and seasonal employment in agriculture in Kutina in 2018.

This is the second round of signing incentive support measures by which 183 450 kuna has been paid off to 18 entrepreneurs and craftsmen from Kutina. 450 000 kuna will be provided for them in the second round of payment. 29 entrepreneurs have applied to tender for the support, where 26 of them were successful in the application and the rest of the applicants will get the support following budget amending, since the amount overtops the planned assets.

”Incentive support measures for entrepreneurs have turned out to be very efficient, we show interest in them, young population is growing which happens to be in accordance with our goal to keep young families in Kutina. This year, the City of Kutina has responded to 45 requests for using employment and self-employment support measures which overtops 450 000 HRK planned in the budget, nevertheless, following the budget amending the rest of the requests shall also be positively resolved”, mayor Zlatko Babić stated and explained this being a part of direct measures of supporting entrepreneurs in Kutina. The City of Kutina invests a total of 3,5 million kuna a year into city’s economic development together with all other measures. ”We endeavour in creating a favourable business environment. We are expanding business zones and putting the Industrial-Logistics Zone into function. We try to help entrepreneurs deal with administrative barriers by counselling through the Development Agency RA Mrav”, mayor Babić added.

Chairman of the City’s Economy Board Marijan Balaško explained that entrepreneurs could use a great deal of these assets to develop their businesses, although it’s not a very high amount of money. ”It’s not easy to develop a business, therefore we shall be taking into account that all of those who applied for support shall also get it”, Balaško stated.

Head of city’s economy Hrvoje Krmelić mentioned incentive measures in tourism that are part of direct support measures for which 50 000 kuna is planned. 6 requests have been received and 5 of them meet the requirements of the bidding. 3 support measures will be paid off, while the rest of the 2 requests will get the support after amending budget. ”For the need of tourism development in Kutina, we should create tourist infrastructure which means developing accommodation capacities and includes agro-tourism”, Krmelić stated. He reminded that the subsidies for young people up to 29 years of age have been 50% increased and that this measure is aimed at the decrease among the unemployed people at the Employment Bureau.

Valerija Ciban, who started a sewing business, is among the entrepreneurs. ”I am extremely satisfied with this measure. I have always desired to start a business of my own, but I hadn’t been brave enough. Now that the opportunity has been created, I don’t see myself doing nothing else but exactly what I wanted. I will invest money purposefully, possibly into taking a master’s exam”, Valerija Ciban stated.

Lucija Sluka, owner of a ”Studio Glam on” beauty parlour also expressed her gratitude for the City’s employment support.

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A grant allocation agreement signed to support new employments

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On October 9th 2019, the City of Kutina signed an agreement of co-financing new employments/self-employments, specializations supports and/or further education and seasonal employments in agriculture in Kutina in 2019.

Ante Knezović, member of the City’s Economy Board, stated that ‘’it is in the city’s best interest that as many new entrepreneurs as possible begin developing their enterprises and the City of Kutina endeavours to help them.’’

To directly influence entrepreneurship and craftsmansships development, ie raise the number of employees in businesses and crafts, and on the part of social and service activities/professions, the City of Kutina allocates grants to support new employments and additional specializations/educations for certain professions, as with the employers which have the need of employing seasonal workers in agriculture.

Hrvoje Krmelić, Head of the City’s Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development Department said that the ‘’co-financing assets have been provided in the City’s budget within the amount of 400 000 kuna. An invitation to tender for allocating grants has been issued and the closing day for entries is October 31st 2019. I invite all of those who meet the requirements of the tender to enter for the measure.’’ The co-financing measure lasts from 2012, and in the previous year only, grants have been allocated to 35 employers for 45 newly employed persons: 20 newly employed and 25 self-employed persons.

Grants are being allocated to 17 entrepreneurs and craftsmen in the total amount of 172 200 kn for 8 newly employed, 10 self-employed and 1 additional education. Marijana Rupčić, owner of Pinky trade, expressed her gratitude over the employment help and support. Dalibor Baković, owner of EMB – Baković, is satisfied with the City’s business atmosphere. ‘’I am self-employed now, there are work possibilities in Kutina, working climate being excellent. Offers are coming and I hope to employ one or two people next year. People should indeed stay and work in Kutina, and these supports really help people to work better and faster’’, he said.

‘’The City of Kutina allocates 5 million kuna a year of its budget to help develop city’s economy through various supports and measures; it is at the disposal of everyone who wants to develop their business. We are mostly oriented at the development of business zones where we endeavour in bringing as many investors as we can. On this occasion, I invite all of those interested in expanding their activities to do that within business zones with large benefits that can help you with your business start-up. I congratulate all of you who dared with their business start-up and I wish you a lot of success’’, Zlatko Babić, mayor of Kutina, stated.

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A formal business handover to business lessees in PUNK

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At the beginning of May this year, the City of Kutina issued a bidding for a lease of business premises in the Business Incubator in Kutina for small and medium enterprises. 29 bidders successfully qualified for the bidding terms.

On this occasion, a formal handover of Business Incubator premises to business lessees was held, where 29 small and medium enterprises would develop their businesses along with RA Mrav Agency.

By project realisation Business Incubator Kutina was reconstructed, equipped and adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises in Kutina.

6,5 million kuna was invested into adaptation and equipment of the Incubator and 1,8 million kuna was invested into it by the City of Kutina as project operator.

Beside services offered by the Business Incubator like lease of various business premises, lease of conference rooms and office equipment, etc., a space for business accelerator (business and sources of financing counselling, market exploration, etc.) has been provided as well.

The aim of this project is the development and improvement of business infrastructure in Kutina area and contribution to national, regional and local strategic commitment in terms of small and medium enterprises development in a financially sustainable way.

”We are extremely pleased that we have enclosed this phase of project realisation and signed agreements with 29 beneficiaries and the agreement with RA Mrav Agency, PUNK activity operator. Among the 29 beneficiaries there are 15 small entrepreneurs whose business experience is of barely 3 years duration. We are pleased to give these young entrepreneurs a chance for a successful beginning”, mayor Zlatko Babić stated and further added that the City of Kutina promotes positive developments of entrepreneurship. The mayor also reminded of the problem of property-legal relations of the PUNK building that has been resolved recently in a way that the Ministry of State Property has donated 50% of its ownership of the building to the City of Kutina, which resulted in continuing with the Business Incubator activity. ”Our idea is to adapt the upstairs floor of the building to put it in function of PUNK. One of the premises would be intended for the purpose of the Centre of Excellence. In this way we shall enable our young entrepreneurs of business development and put emphasis on all our possibilities both in Business and Industrial Logistics Zone in this way. After they successfully develop their businesses they would move into the Zones, in time. Through their entrepreneurial measures we shall stimulate employment in the City of Kutina”, mayor Zlatko Babić stated.

Tomislav Kojundžić, RA Mrav Agency executive, told the young entrepreneurs that RA Mrav Agency, as PUNK activity manager, is at their disposal for counselling and introduced them to the services of the Business Incubator; those services being IT gear equipped business premises with office furniture, conference room lease, document copying, printing and scanning services, coworking space lease, breadboard room lease, skype room usage, accelerator services usage and cafeteria usage.

Head of the Economy Department Hrvoje Krmelić stated that the City of Kutina invests sufficient assets into business infrastructure in Kutina area beginning from business zones, especially Industrial-Logistic Zone which would be put in function soon. ”With all the activities that the City of Kutina is doing in terms of development and business support in Kutina area, there are other measures to help our entrepreneurs through providing employment support and providing equipment for small and medium enterprises. So our entrepreneurs outside the Incubator would have the opportunity to develop and expand their activities in Kutina area”, Head Hrvoje Krmelić stated. As far as other actions taken by the City of Kutina are concerned through EU funds financing, a 220 million kuna worth projects are being prepared to operate. ”One of the largest projects in the next period is the construction of the instructure in Kutina called the Moslavina Agglomeration Project Worth almost 500 million kuna”, Head Krmelić stated and concluded that the City of Kutina successfully implements projects, the proof of that being the fact that there have been almost none of the penalisations for operating projects financed by the EU funds.

This project realisation will take 3 years. After that period Business Incubator will be free at the disposal to all future users who would want to develop their special ideas and thus develop entrepreneurship in Kutina area.

By today official handover of business premises to young start-ups in the Business Incubator, a quality equipped space has been provided for future activity and development, and it has become a symbol of new market economy and up-to-date young business people.

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The city of Kutina invests 3 million kuna to support entrepreneurship, family-farm managind, agriculture and tourism

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The 7TH session of the Economy Board which is of great significance in the first semester of this year due to the presentation of the Grants Allocation Report in accordance with the town’s programs for small and medium enterprises in 2018, was held at the City Council’s premises. 3 programs for supporting entrepreneurship and business development of the City of Kutina were presented and adopted along with the detailed presentation of the Report.

City’s mayor Zlatko Babić, Head of Administrative Department for the Economy , Entrepreneurship and Development Hrvoje Krmelić, Property-legal matters Counsellor Tihana Radošević, Marijan Balaško, Head of the Economy Board and the Board members Karlo Kabelka, Ante Knezović and Ivica Ružička were present at the session.

The Grants Allocation Report in accordance with the City’s programs in 2018 for allocating support to small and medium enterprises in Kutina for last year, has received most attention.

Last year, the City of Kutina invested 3.081.604,26 kuna to support entrepreneurship, family-farm managing, agriculture and tourism which makes a far greater amount of assets than in the previous years. In 2018 1.033.376,70 kuna was invested to support small enterprises, 520 000 kuna was used for subsidizing business loans rates and 119.227,56 kuna for business benefits in industrial zones. 820 000 was used to support investments that primarily included co-financing of RA Mrav, a development agency which indirectly helps enterprises and family-farm managing in Kutina, and 589 000 was used to co-finance agriculture.

The City of Kutina has invested 462 000 kuna to co-finance employment / self-employment whereas 162 000 was added to the planned 300 000 kuna by amending budget. Owing to this Program 45 people were newly employed in Kutina last year.

Even though 300 000 kuna has been provided for allocating grants to enterprises and craftsmanships as support for gear and new technologies procurement and for entrepreneurial competitiveness, 146 000 kuna has been added by amending budget to the 300 000 kuna planned due to extra appliances received, thus making a total of 437.302,33 kuna used to create support to everyone who applied in Grant Allocation Program. 48 users has benefited from 437.302,00 kuna support for gear procurement and a total of realized investments is 1.884.343,00 kuna.

6 applicants used the 71 000 kuna financial support in the Grants Allocation Program for tourism investment projects in 2018 and 2 newly-established companies benefited from 75 000 kuna support.

The City of Kutina subsidizes the entrepreneurs’ rate for the purposes of business development and competitiveness reinforcement together with the Sisačko-moslavačka County as project operator. Loan fund of the project is 100 000 000 kuna. Entrepreneurs are able to use these loan funds of the Program to buy, build or develop business facilities, buy equipment or certain parts of equipment, buy land for the purpose of business activities, refinance the existing unfavourable (non-subsidized) loans for the same or similar purposes. Kutina subsidizes 1% of the contracted interest rate and Sisačko-moslavačka County subsidizes 2%.

29 entrepreneurs use the contracted credit line whereas the City of Kutina subsidizes 520 000 kuna at a year’s basis.

‘’We are extremely pleased by the fact that about 30 new craftsmanships have been opened in Kutina since we endeavour in helping new and existing craftsmen in Kutina through these economic measures. The new Grant Allocation Program has been adopted at the Economy Board session for the newly employed, gear procurement and tourism. The Program has been published on the official City’s web-page and everyone who is interested and meets with the requirements covered by the Program can apply. We hope that the co-financing this year will be at the same level as in the previous 2018. The Economy Board have expressed their contentment with the complete payoff to our beneficiaries. A total of 3.081.604,26 kuna that has been paid off through these 5 measures is an extremely high amount, but also a good investment into business development’’, mayor Zlatko Babić has stated.

The City of Kutina shall continue programs of supporting entrepeneurship and shall take into account entrepreneurs’ suggestions and propositions so incentive schemes would be more acceptable and efficient in supporting business development.

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Moslavina agglomeration project worth 400 million kuna about to sign a grant agreement

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A massive 400 million kuna worth Moslavina Agglomeration Project has got approval to begin with its implementation.

It has been established by an official document that the Ministry of Environment and Energy as Intermediate Body 1 (IB level 1) and Hrvatske vode as Intermediate Body 2 (IB level 2) have no objection to the applied set of documentation for the Project of ‘’Improvement of municipal water infrastructure of Kutina agglomeration.’’

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy as a Mediating body level 1, after a process as set out by Common national rules number 06 “Allocation of irretrievable funds” passed by the Ministry of regional development and EU funds, has passed a Decision on financing from EU funds for the project “Improvement of water utility infrastructure of the Kutina aglomeration”

Subsequent to this procedure, which cannot be reversed, the next step is going to be content consolidation (after establishing the financial agreement) and signing the Grant and Subsidizing Agreement. The construction or reconstruction of waterworks and sewerage system will be done in the next 2-3 years.

Mayor Zlatko Babić has expressed his contentment with the results so far.

‘’Today we have come to a phase worth praising which is of great significance for the City of Kutina, our suburban areas and all citizens. It’s about the Agglomeration Project, a municipal water infrastructure improvement so our suburban communities like Janja Lipa, Jamarice, Zbjegovača, Ilova and Gojlo, including some streets in Kutina as well, would acquire the long-expected waterworks and provide a quality water utility system for the most parts of the town. This is the largest investment for the City of Kutina in city’s history with the exception of the construction of Petrokemija. The investment into communal infrastructure  of half a billion kuna is a huge investment, and we will seek to invest additional assets into roads reconstruction that will enable this project to conclude an investment cycle that is expected to happen in Kutina in the next 3 years’’, mayor Babić has stated.

Moslavina Ltd CEO Mijo Šepak has explained the process of the project emphasizing the aim of this press conference, which is in fact, the final approval of the ministry in charge and the Intermediate Body level 2 that the application is complete and that it meets the given criteria for financing. Signing the financial agreement of the project in question is expected to happen in the next phase.

‘’Almost 137 million kuna will be invested into water supply system which implies a new plant for water conditioning in Ravnik as well as the two wells in Osekovo. A 50 km long new water supply system with 4 pump stations will be constructed and another 30 km long water supply system will be reconstructed. The sewerage system is a greater intervention than water supply system for the most part because of the construction of a new waste water treatment apparatus worth near 87 million kuna, and the total value of the sewerage system investment will be 207 million kuna’’, as Moslavina Ltd CEO Mijo Šepak has stated. In addition to the 87 million kuna, a new 34 km long sewerage system with its 13 pump stations of 73 million kuna total value will also be reconstructed.

The investor and economic operator of all the activities that will be organized in the next 3 years in this area, will be Moslavina Ltd and the beginning of construction works are expected to begin in autumn next year. As CEO Mijo Šepak has stated, Moslavina Ltd has issued drawing up a construction plan to make works function and to ensure functional traffic circulation of all major roads in the upcoming years of project realisation.

Mijo Šepak, Moslavina Ltd CEO, added that in this project not only investments in Kutina area are included, but also a smaller part of joint investments of the cities of Kutina and Popovača and Velika Ludina district. These joint investments of 62 million kuna include activities on the pump site in Osekovo, main pipeline Voloder – Gornja Gračenica and control-operating system, Ravnik drinking water conditioning, supply of utility equipment and a joint share of all the control-operating services, project management and public visibility and promotion. Local authorities shall allocate 62 million kuna worth funds in accordance with the actual share of ownership in Moslavina Ltd company.

Davor Kljakić, Chairman of Kutina City Council, expressed his contentment with the project.

‘’One of our coalition’s vows was the advancement of water distribution infrastructure in the city of Kutina and its suburban areas. I’m looking forward to providing a great number of inhabitants with water in the 21st century, which is of great importance for us. We are extremely happy and proud with the fact that this financially vast project is starting with its implementation and that we shall fulfil our vow, as the coalition now is in power’’, Davor Kljakić, Chairman of the City Council has stated.

Eduard Gelešić, Head of the Administrative Department of Communal system, Construction and Environment Preservation has also explained the project process. ‘’The biggest and technically the most demanding project in recent city’s history implies a complete advancement of water distribution system infrastructure of the agglomeration in Kutina, which means we are going to improve our water quality with the construction of Ravnik 2 water processing part with the capacity of 120 L and the additional dealing with the construction of the 2 wells in Osekovo. That implies we are going to enhance the profusion capacity of the whole agglomeration and resolve the question of water quality which can be better than it is today’’, Head Gelešić has stated.

Moslavina Agglomeration is a mega-project that changes the communal appearance of the city, kilometres of new water distribution system and sewerage system will be constructed stretching from the city centre to its suburban areas. The work will be conducted on a number of locations during 3 years. The money has been withdrawn from the EU funds and the project operator will be Moslavina Ltd.

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Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štromar visits Kutina

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štromar visited the City of Kutina. Accompanied by Minister Predrag Štromar were Krešimir Malec, Ivan Nekvapil, councilor of the county assembly of Sisak – Moslavina County, and Sonja Ivoš, secretary of the cabinet of the deputy prime minister and minister.

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