Info for investors.

Taking into account state of the economy and finances in the Republic of Croatia, the City of Kutina fully supports the initiatives implemented by the business sector which proposes to launch certain ”investment uprise” as one of the measures to overcome financial crisis.

Kutina is an industrial city and a city on the territory of which there are companies that significantly participate in the export to foreign countries, and as such understands and feels the problems faced by the sectors related to export in industry, energetics and other business sectors.

Therefore, the city of Kutina has decided to make a number of decisions, in addition to the existing ones, by which they intend to encourage investment in the area. One of the most important, last determined decisions, is the adoption of a detailed arrangement plan (DPU) in the Kutina Industrial Logistics Zone – DPU 11 (35 ha area) and DPU 12 (21 ha area), and co-financing of each newly employed persons under the New Co-financing Program in the City of Kutina. With these measures, the City of Kutina remains without significant sources of income in the short term, but they are prepared to redistribute other budget revenues and to implement various reforms that they have implemented or are implementing, to provide the resources in question to create space for business initiatives.

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Accordingly, we would like to further inform you about other investment incentive decisions, as follows:

Maximum reduction of land prices for the development of business activities – The City of Kutina has at its disposal two locations of approximately 75 ha of land fully property-regulated, covered by spatial plans and for the most part covered by infrastructure also; they are ready to sell the land in question at prices from 7,00-25,00 kn / m²,  depending on the type of investment.

Abolition of Utility Fee –For all investments in the business zones of the City of Kutina, no utility fee (100% exemption) is charged within a period of five years from the date of obtaining the Operating Permit for an individual investment.

Maximum reduction or cancellation of public utility charges – The City of Kutina releases all investors in the Business Zones of the City of Kutina at least 75% of public utility charges, and additional exemptions of 100% are possible, depending on the quality of the investment. Any possible remaining amounts are payable in interest-free installments.

Construction of utility connections at the expense of the City of Kutina – The City of Kutina provides all utility connections to the construction land parcel at its own expense. .

Connection to the HEP (electricity) network – The City of Kutina is ready to co-finance the costs of connection to the HEP (electricity) network by signinig special agreements with potential investors

Issuing documents and building permits at short notice – we issue a building permit or a building certificate as soon as possible.

Employee education – The City of Kutina is ready to co-finance any necessary education or re-training of the workforce for which all the prerequisites have been provided by the City (grammar school, technical high school, five primary schools, public open university, business high school of economics).

Co-financing of newly employed persons – In addition to all other benefits, the City of Kutina has provided a grant for each newly employed person in the City of Kutina ranging from 5,000.00 to HRK 10,000.00 HRK.

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The city of Kutina is situated in a favourable geo-traffic position, has connections to the international highway and railway, there are a customs office in the city and a number of other facilities that have already been recognized by entrepreneurs who have been successfully operating in Kutina like the following: PETROKEMIJA plc. (1400 employees), SELK plc. (800 employees), ALMOS ltd. (130 employees), TURBO_MEHANIKA ltd., CJEVOMONT ltd., HIDRAULIKA ltd., MESSER CROATIA PLIN ltd., AGRIVI ltd. and over 350 other craftsmen, a strong transportation sector, etc.

Graphical representations of the locations with basic information are provided​,for further details and further information please contact Mr. Hrvoje Krmelić, Head of the Board for Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development (, +385 44 692015).

The location for investment are Business Zone II Kutina – fully constructed and in possession of all necessary public utility equipment. Industrial-logistics zone Kutina – a new industrial zone located next to the highway and the Zagreb – Slavonski Brod major railway corridor. Iti s formed around the Kutina bypass, which is under construction.

With these proposed measures, the City of Kutina, as a unit of local self-government, completely and partially abolished all local parafiscal charges and taxes in order to ensure the long-term sustainable development of the city and to provide a direct incentive for investments primarily by domestic entrepreneurs, especially export-oriented companies.

We are at your disposal for any additional information and inquiries!

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Development Program for Business Zones of the City of Kutina for the Period 2017 – 2021 – ATTACHMENTS

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