Why Kutina?

The Industrial-Logistics zone is located in an exceptional geo-traffic position in the Republic of Croatia, in Kutina – a city with long industrial tradition! The ILZ (Industrial-logistics zone) is situated in the vicinity of the D 45 national motorway just next to the A3  Zagreb – Lipovac highway, which is part of the European E70 road corridor. The zone is also located close to one of major railways, Pan-European corridor X!

Our possible investors and future business entities that we want to attract to our Industrial logistics zone will be able to expect a number of benefits and prerequisits for successful business. The significant traffic location is one of the many reasons to choose Kutina for doing their business!

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With extremely favourable location, local authorities are making great efforts to create the best possible investment surrounding. They want to be a helping hand to future investors and businessmen, and thus creating favourable opportunities of setting up businesses in our Industrial-Logistics zone in Kutina!

Here you will be able to find all the details regarding the potentials of ILZ Kutina, services and other important information, the benefits of investing, establishing productions and other economic activities in Kutina.

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ILZ Kutina is located next to significant industrial capacities such as Petrokemija, one of the largest industries in the country, thus the cosequently developed supporting infrastructure. In the zone area there is a wastewater treatment plant and all the necessary infrastructure. We started with building the zone next to the future Kutina bypass and its first phase of construction has already been completed, and there is also a cargo train station and a customs terminal for road transport. Due to its traffical connections, Kutina is accessible to the distributions of goods and raw materials, and is directly connected to the bigggest seaport in the Adriatic – Rijeka by highway!

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Word of the mayor


The Industrial-Logistics Zone of the City of Kutina is extremely important for the city and this project is recognized as such by the local government! Our goal is to develop ILZ economically as soon as possible,  and make it easier for investors to access all administrative bodies, assist in obtaining permits, and respond to all questions regarding the business possibilities of Kutina.

This is also a guarantee that Kutina will meet every potential investor and company with every possible support and conveniencies!

Starting a business and investing in ILZ in Kutina will not only benefit economic subjects, but Kutina and its citizens as well. The local community, especially those responsible for running the City of Kutina, are fully aware of this.

We want to create one of the most desirable industrial-logistical zones in the central part of Croatia and we are in possession of everything we need, knowledge, infrastructure, the best transport position in the region and a vision!

We welcome all those who want to make Kutina their place of doing and enhancing their businesses!

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Zlatko Babić
The mayor of Kutina


The City of Kutina keeps regular records of economic situations and states of affairs, proposes solutions and provides guidelines for the development of enterprises, crafts and investments, and considers proposals from foreign partners and interested investors.

Co-financings of new employments, supports for additional educations, and seasonal employments in agriculture are a significant part of the programs of stimulating enterprises and creating a favourable investment surrounding in the City of Kutina.

Corporate performing loans and grants are contributing to this as well. Such loans in our area are co-financed by the county through a loan fund of 100 million HRK, which is stipulated by commercial banks. The county subsidizes 1-2% interest rate on such loans! There is also the possibility of using ESIF loans, through micro-investment funds programs, current assets loans, small loans, and individual loan guarantees!


The City of Kutina offers a number of benefits and business-oriented environment, to economic operators who want to invest in our City, or do business in the area. The City provides investors with assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, contacts with higher-level authorities, access to information and facilitates an instant start-up of a business.

Development agency mrav


MRAV Development Agency d.o.o. was founded in 2013 by the City of Kutina. Activities and activities of the MRAV Development Agency d.o.o. are aimed at achieving a sustainable increase in the standard of living and local development of the Moslavina region and beyond.
One of the fundamental tasks is strategic planning for the development of the region through participation in Euro-integration processes, with particular emphasis on the use of European and national funds. The Agency is engaged in providing informative, advisory, consultancy and operational support to local development participiants, with particular emphasis on institutions, businesses and civil society organizations.
In addition to building local capacities of institutions and other entities to use EU funds, that is, to prepare proposals for financing from EU funds and to implement their own investments, the Agency independently implements projects, prepares documentation, creates partnerships at regional and international level, participates in the organization of conferences, training and seminars, etc.
The Agency has 4 full-time employees – director, 1 project manager and 2 associates to the project manager. The staff have relevant experience in project preparation and implementation, business consulting, strategic planning, etc. The MRAV Development Agency serves as a central point for information on EU grants and national funding.
From the first day of its existence, MRAV has been creating new ideas and creating new projects all with the aim of developing the city of Kutina and the Moslavina region.


Development Agency MRAV d.o.o.
Hrvatskih branitelja 2
44320 Kutina, Croatia
Tel. +385 44 659 078
Fax: +385 44 659 078