Zone details.

Business zones of Kutina

Kutina, Grad Kutina, Industrijsko Logistička Zona, ILZ, KIND

Traffic infrastructure

The Town of Kutina is situated directly on the Pan-European corridor X


Kutina, Autocesta, Industrijsko logistička zona, prometna povezanost

Highway E-70 (A4) Zagreb – Slavonski Brod – Lipovac with a direct connection through the road loop Kutina

Kutina, Željeznica, Industrijsko logistička zona, teretni prijevoz

Cargo railway station in Kutina – one of the largest in the Republic of Croatia

Kutina, ILZ, industrijsko logistička zona, blizina aerodroma Franjo Tuđman

Zagreb, Franjo Tudjman Airport – 85 km away

Kutina, ILZ, Kutina-Rijeka, blizina Rijeke, blizina Riječke luke

Rijeka, Seaport of Rijeka – 235 km away

Sisak, River Sava port – 45 km away

ILZ Introduction

Pan-European corridor

Railway transport

Space for development of the Kutina industrial logistics zone

Part of the road D 45 (new bypass) – southern bypass of the City of Kutina


Located east of Sisačka Street, which is part of D45 state road. It connects to:

  • Highway Zagreb – Lipovac (2.5 km away)
  • Customs office terminal (2.5 km away)
  • Railway Station (0.5 km away)
  • State road D 45 Kutina – Virovitica (Hungary) (2.0 km away)


  • Area: 74 ha (7 land parcels)
  • 100% ownership of the City of Kutina
  • Designated for large logistics terminals construction, warehousing handling and industrial facilities (capital public and private investment)
  • Covered by PPUG, GUP and DPU 
    • Economic Purpose: Production (I), Business (K)
    • Formed plots for development of target economy – DPU 11 and DPU 12


Kutina parcela industrijsko logistička zona
Kutina parcela industrijsko logistička zona
Kutina parcela industrijsko logistička zona

Municipal, energy and transport infrastructure

  • Electricity: provided – min. 13 + 8 MW with the possibility of increasing and any additional supply route
  • Gas: provided – min. 12,000 m3 / h with possibility of increase (near the main gas pipeline)
  • Water: provided – 480 m3 / day with possibility of increase 
  • Close to main collector and purifier
  • Customs office – provided
  • Highway exit: about 2.5 km away
  • Railway industrial track 24 hours a day on site: possible to build a connection – about 0.5 km away


Construction of local community infrastructure within ILZ
  • preparation of preparatory and technical documentation is ongoing

Connection to existing municipal and energy infrastructures

  • prepared preparatory and technical documentation 

Construction of the state road D45 – South bypass of Kutina – phase 1

  • The aggregate of length of the section is 4.500 m, realization in two phases
  • Phase 1 realized
  • Investor: Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. Zagreb
  • Contractor: STRABAG d.o.o.
  • worth: 17.5 million HRK

The act of the Kutina Industrial-Logistic Zone is a strategic project of the City of Kutina in accordance with the development documents of the City of Kutina, and is eligible under the Program of local development projects preparation suitable for financing from ESI funds implemented by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds.


  • Land price – starting price 7,00-25,00 kn / m²
  • Public utility contribution: up to 100% allowance of the calculated amount
  • Public utility charges: 100% exemption for five years period
  • Credit Line – 1% of interest subsidy
  • Co-financing of new employments
  • Issuing documents and building permits at short notice– the City of Kutina independently issues all the necessary documentation for construction
  • MRAV Development Agency ltd. – a company owned by the City of Kutina, providing advisory and operational support to entrepreneurs for the purpose of withdrawing funds from EU funds

Business environment